Meet Chef Maggie Pallan

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From a young age, Chef Maggie Pallan was interested in cooking.  At age fifteen she enrolled in culinary school and from there her love of the culinary arts grew and propelled her forward.  Over the next twenty-six years, she would hone her culinary skills by working in hotels and restaurants, eventually attaining the title of Chef de Cuisine as the chef of three restaurants at the Green Valley Resort in Las Vegas after working at the J.W. Mariott, MGM Grand, Mirage, and Monte Carlo resorts. Before her resort work, she worked at several other independent chef-owned and corporate restaurants gaining kitchen, front-of-house, and managerial experience.

Chef Maggie's goal is to help you and your guests have outstanding culinary experiences.  Her focus has always been on the guest and their experience.

A desire to create original cuisine for private clients led Chef Maggie to open Two Chefs to Go, collaborating with another chef, which was successful for eleven years.

About Artisan Chef

Artisan Chef is Chef Maggie’s newest venture into the world of creating amazing cuisine that will enrich your private dining experiences.  We serve both the Las Vegas, Nevada and Star Valley/Jackson, Wyoming area. After 26 years in hospitality, you will taste the difference in our fresh cuisine!

Artisan Chef's mission is to provide unparalleled dining and event experiences for our clients in the comfort of their own home or venue.  Our goal is to wow you and your guests every single time.

How does it work?

When you contact us, give us your event details, date, and taste preferences and we will create your custom menu based on your likes, guests, budget, style, and vision for the event.

On the day of the event (or a few days before depending on your guest count), we will show up on time, assemble and decorate our own buffet tables and areas, unload kitchen equipment, groceries, and ingredients and start to prepare your menu fresh in your kitchen.

If your event is a buffet, we will refill the buffet with fresh food so that each guest gets a great experience.

As the event winds down, we pack up leftover food and leave it in your refrigerator.  We also pack up our equipment and clean your kitchen spotless.

Hosting an event with Artisan Chef is like being a guest at your own party; enjoyable and stress-free.

“Her passion and love of teaching her tricks of the trade is profound! Her love of bringing people together through food is contagious!”

/rosa montano, cooking class attendee/